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October 03-06, 2019

Calea Dorobanti 13-15

7th floor , room 2701

Sector 1, Bucharest 

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Innovation today stands among the key aspects of tourism research. The pace of innovation experienced by the tourism industry has significantly triggered critical inquiries about the need to incorporate transformations about the effects on the sector or about the problems created by subjectivity and data protection among many others.

Under the swift pace of innovations from nowadays practitioners and scholars cannot entirely manage to grasp the ever-changing environment of tourism. Translating innovation is becoming increasingly difficult, yet it has to be done. 

Otherwise, innovative avenues might be missed and limit the frontiers of tourism. On the other hand, important questions like what factors impede the restructuring of tourism despite the adoption of innovative solutions, how can stakeholders be more involved to promote innovation or what innovations tourism brings on, are in need of scrutiny.

Acknowledging tourism special problems that differently arise within the market and the theoretical field, the 7th International Conference on Tourism advances the challenge to explore the complex relations between innovation and tourism development.

Practitioners and business experiences have the chance to support the co-creation of value for all stakeholders and address a range of components of connectivity. Conversely, the scholars’ perspectives bring to the fore current issues as commented within the theoretical realm and how they respond along the geographical scale.

Bucharest University of Economic Studies was established by Royal Decree on April 6, 1913, under the name of the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies. The mission of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies is to meet societal needs through: high-quality study programs at all levels and in all forms of graduate and postgraduate training, advanced knowledge generation, supporting the development and affirmation of the most competitive students and researchers in economic and administrative sciences, and in other subfields of social sciences and humanities.


CACTUS – Academic Association for Research in Tourism and Services is a professional organization whose members aim at discovering and applying new models, approaches, optimal solutions to address issues of educational interest, civil society or the business environment.


In 17 years of thorough implication, Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET) Foundation was involved in more than 1200 projects aimed at preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Transylvania and bringing it into the spotlight. The Foundation has been constantly supporting the revival of traditional crafts and sustainable development of rural communities of Transylvania and at present continues to implement various projects. MET was awarded a number of times for its work in the area. A good example is Europa Nostra award received in 2006, several awards from Civil Society Gala and other organizations that evaluate the most significant social contributions in Romania. MET was under HRH Price of Wales’ patronage for 14 years.

We encourage you to give evidence on the innovation in tourism as this remains among the under-developed aspects of the industry despite its importance

Examples of the conference topics include

Tourism & Innovation

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Tourism
  • Experience and Co-creation
  • Hospitality Innovations
  • Niche Tourism and Technology
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Smart Tourism
  • Sustainability and Wildlife within the digital age
  • Teaching and learning
  • Tourism in innovative ways
  • Travel Experience

Tourism: Economy & Management

  • Tourism Development, Policy and Planning
  • Community Responses to Tourists and Tourism
  • Economic/Social/Environmental/Cultural Impacts of Tourism
  • Tourism Education
  • Sustainable Development in Tourism
  • Alternative and Special Forms of Tourism
  • Destination Marketing and Management
  • Best Practices of Hospitality
  • Tourism Marketing and Management
  • Strategic Management  in Tourism
  • Managing Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Ecotourism, Agro-tourism and Rural Tourism
  • Global Economic Crisis and Tourism
  • Evolving Tourist Behavior
  • Communication in Tourism

Quality Management in Tourism

  • Dimensions and Perception of Services Quality in Tourism
  • Measuring Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • Logistic and Transportation
  • Technology and its Impact on Quality
  • The Importance of Quality Management in Tourism Destinations
  • Benchmarking in Tourism
  • Total Quality Management in Tourism

Geography of Tourism

  • Global Change and Tourism: Socio-Cultural Issues
  • Tourism and Regional Development
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Business Meeting and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Tourism Mobilities and Urban Space

Keynote Speakers

Gabriela Tigu

Moderator / Prof. PhD. Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Bogdan Stanciu

Managing Directorat Bit Soft

Calin Ile

President FIHR, General Manager IBIS Continental Hotels Activist for sustainable Tourism

Gabriel Iovu

CEO/founder of Expressoft Technology

Andrei Savin

Alliances & Partnerships Senior Manager at dcs plus

Robert-Emilian Komartin

Head of Retail Travel Agencies at Amadeus IT Group.

Alexandru Hodoiu

Business Development Manager at Travelport

Marius Turbatu

Global Expansion Director at eSky

Dimitrios Buhalis

Strategic Management and Marketing Expert

Scientific Committee

Ştefan Bratosin, Université Paul Valéry Montpellier, France
Grazia Calabro, Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy
Giacomo Del Chiappa, Università degli Studi di Sassari , Italy
Olivier Dehoorne, Université Des Antilles Et De La Guyane, France
Ray Iunius, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship École hôtelière de Lausanne, Swiss
Antonio Garcia Sanchez, Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, Spain
Theodore Bucur, Université de Lille 1, France
Vincent Meyer, Université de Lorraine, France

Scientific Committee from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Maria Ioncică
Nicolae Lupu
Rodica Minciu
Silviu Neguţ
Puiu Nistoreanu
Mihaela Pădurean
Claudia Rodica Popescu
Delia Popescu
Olimpia State

Gabriela Stănciulescu
Andreea Fortuna Schiopu
Gabriela Ţigu
Claudia Ţuclea
Gheorghe Vlăsceanu
Vasile Dinu
Rodica Pamfilie
Doru Plesea
Marieta Olaru

Bogdan Onete
Roxana Sarbu
Laurentiu Tachiciu
Anca Atanase
Remus Hornoiu
Marius Cristian Neacşu
Ovidiu Mihai Tănase
Mădălina Ţală
Dragoş Vasile

Liviu Bogdan Vlad
Alexandru Gavriș
Adrian Kanovici
Andreea Marin Pantelescu
Viorel Mionel
Ana Maria Nica
Iuliana Pop
Daniel Bulin
Maria Cristina Iorgulescu
Gheorghe Georgica

Conference reviewers

Claudia Rodica Popescu
Delia Popescu
Andreea Fortuna Schiopu
Olimpia State
Gabriela Ţigu
Claudia Ţuclea
Remus Hornoiu
Ovidiu Mihai Tănase
Kanovici Adrian
Ana Maria Nica
Daniel Bulin
Maria Cristina Iorgulescu

Organizing Team

Remus Ion Hornoiu
Gabriela Tigu
Tala Madalina
Delia Popescu
Gheorghe Georgica
Daniel Bulin
Maria Cristina Iorgulescu
Cristina Pop
Raisa Maria Chirita
Diana Ioana Dumitrache
Mircea Troaca

Day 1, October 3, 2019


        Participants registration

         Official Opening of the Conference 

         Parallel sessions

         Dinner on the conference venue

Predeal is the Romanian city situated at the highest altitude and it represents the starting point for hiking trails (1030 – 1110m). Although the ski resort has a mountain climate and it is recognized for winter sports, it represents a touristic interest in all seasons. Tourists choose Predeal to get rid of urban muddling and for the pure fresh air with no dust or other allergenic agents. Connect with the nature experience

For the full agenda and the parallel sessions, please click here.

Day 2, October 4, 2019


         Itinerant workshop Predeal – Viscri – Crit – Predeal

         Parallel session at Viscri Village

         Lunch at Crit Village

         Dinner at the conference venue in Predeal


Viscri is about village life, the village with no source of technology, the image that has remained the same, in which the accommodation represents the houses of the countrymen. Even Charles, Prince of Wales chose to buy a house in this area. Every year Viscri gets a higher number of tourists because they have a fully rural experience, for instance enjoying the dishes cooked in the oven and then served in the house yard, parades of 300 cows, and a walk through the village where time seems to be passing slowly. Rural Experience

Village of Criț. Even if it is hard to believe, we have a county fortress from the 14 th – 15th centuries with the Evangelical church from the enclosure. With a rich history that goes back nearly 2,000 years ago, Criț is the village with everything and it waits you with bread, mud, pottery workshops, bicycle rides through the Saxon villages, rides at the buffalo farm, unique Romanian slow food recipes and so on. Culinary experience

For the full agenda and the parallel sessions, please click here.

Day 3, October 5, 2019


           Itinerant workshop Predeal – Malancrav – Sighisoara – Predeal

          Parallel sessions at Malancrav Village

          Free time/Visit Sighisoara Old Town

          Festive Dinner at the conference venue in Predeal

Mălâncrav is the village detached from grandparents’ stories where tourists are attracted by the well preserved traditions and customs. Ancient crafts are a magnet for tourists and the accommodation is ensured at the countrymen’s guest houses. The Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation has put its mark on Mălâncrav by promoting the place. Craft Fairs Experience

Sighișoara is a medieval town from the Middle Ages, located in the heart of Transylvania. It is worth visiting since it has the medieval fortress, historically linked to Vlad Tepes’s father, Vlad Dracul, who lived in the fortress. It is also popular for the Medieval Festival of Sighișoara that takes place in late July each year. Medieval Experience

For the full agenda and the parallel sessions, please click here.

Day 4, October 6, 2019


          Official Closing of the Conference in Predeal

          Social program: Guided Tour of the Peles Castle, Sinaia

          Retur to Bucharest

Peleș Castle was introduced to the list of the world’s finest 10 structures along with castles in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia and Japan. It was built at the initiative of King Carol I of Romania to serve as a summer residence. After 1914 the castle had a representation and museum function, holding 106 rooms. Royal Experience

For the full agenda and the parallel sessions, please click here.

Important deadlines
Event Date
Submission of full paper

5th of May, 2019

20th of May, 2019

Notification to authors of acceptance

20th of May, 2019

26th of May, 2019

Payment and registration deadline 31st of May, 2019


The 7th International Conference on Tourism Contemporary Approaches and Challenges of Tourism Sustainability will be held in Transylvania, Romania.

The conference will be held in a new building, arranged as a hotel, with well-equipped meeting space and around 33 rooms with all amenities.