Andrei Savin

Andrei Savin



Seniority within dcs plus – 6 years. Prior to joining dcsplus, Andrei worked in Telecomm, Radio and Advertising.

In dcs, he managed the B2C Online Solutions department for 3 years, occupying different roles – from managing project development from initiation to closure, managing the entire product life cycle, specifying market requirements for the development of the product and acting as a liaison between customers and our internal development teams

His 2.5 years experience as Marketing Manager and Head of Global Sales exposed him to a wide variety of global market needs and developed his abilities of successfully introduce our products and services into new territories

For more than 1.5 years, as Alliances and Partnerships Senior Manager, he is actively participating into the development, execution and management of strategic alliances with major travel industry players.

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Phone : + 4 (076)  406 37 74