Marius Turbatu

Marius Turbatu



Marius Turbatu is a senior executive with a proven track record of generating growth and scale across start-ups, as well as established enterprises. He has been involved with tech companies for 15 years, focusing on the online travel vertical for the past 10.

Throughout his early career years, Marius has worked for various digital agencies and SaaS developers. In 2009 Marius joins eSky, one of the first OTAs in CEE, where he held various roles: Country Manager for Romania (2009 – 2011), Country Manager for Brazil (2011 – 2013), LATAM Business Development Manager (2013-2016), Global Expansion Director (2017 – present) and HUB Manager for Bucharest office (2018 – present). With his present roles in eSky he leads the group’s international expansion, having been involved in launching over 50 markets, and oversees the activity of its HUB in Bucharest.

Being part of the online travel landscape since its early days, Marius has gathered a broad experience with localizing and growing operations in different regions, as well as managing product portfolios and optimizing travel services distribution. He sees the current state of the travel industry as a great ecosystem to pursue further growth opportunities, with lots of disrupting elements in sight (AI, big data, machine learning to name just a few).

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